Appreciation, respect and dignity of humans, animals
and the environment is our maxim and concern of the heart.

The human being

We focus entirely on human beings and their health. Our natural food supplements of Swiss quality consist of rich and high-quality raw materials. All our products are free of artificial preservatives and additives. SWISS HEALTH & NUTRITION products are 100% developed in Switzerland. The quality seals of our product lines are subject to inspections by independent national and international testing authorities. To offer quality without compromise means taking responsibility in all business activities.

The raw materials

We place great value on the organic origin of raw materials. Our raw materials come from Switzerland, Austria, and Germany (Bavaria). Only a few of our valuable ingredients go on a slightly longer journey to reach us, for example our chia seeds from Mexico (in BEASTER POWER UP®) and the vanilla extract from Madagascar (in BEASTER PROTACT®). SWISS BEASTER® products preferably use ingredients from organic farmers and producers. We also encourage and accompany conventional farms as they make the transition to more diverse and sustainable agriculture.

Animal welfare

High-quality raw materials of animal origin can only come from healthy animals that are kept in conditions closely resembling their natural habitat. SWISS HEALTH & NUTRITION is committed to animal welfare, including the prevention of farm animal dehorning. Organic farming is a matter of course for us. We also encourage farmers to use only local feed that is tailored to the digestive system of the animal. These measures ensure slower growth, which positively impacts animal health and thus also the quality of the end product.

The environment

We are committed to sustainability; conserving resources is key to us. Our visions and experiences drive us to test and develop new processes to more gently and sustainably manufacture our products. To implement this in our production technology, we cooperate with SWISS FOOD RESEARCH. And the devil's in the detail here, too. We use a minimum amount of packaging materials, while still providing our customers with the best quality. Product boxes are made of recycled, unbleached, and FSC-certified cardboard. All the materials can be recycled: the cardboard, stuffing material, as well as the adhesive tape used to seal the packaging. The BEASTER PROTACT®, BEASTER MOVE®, BEASTER PUSH®, and BEASTER POWER UP® 3-component bags that are delivered in the product boxes can also be ordered without packaging as environmentally friendly refill bags. Small wooden clamps are used to close the bags. They are made of regional limewood, a renewable raw material. To further protect the environment, we are currently only including plastic measuring spoons on request.

Community engagement

Our product boxes are glued shut by people with cognitive and physical disabilities, as part of the educational programme of the Schürmatt Foundation in Zetzwil. Our wooden clamps are made by hand, with great care and dedication, by the Rüttihubelbad Foundation, a place of residence and work for adults with mental or cognitive disabilities.

SWISS HEALTH & NUTRITION embodies sustainability throughout the value chain.