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High-end multi-protein

Protein supports the increase and maintenance of muscle mass as well as the maintenance of normal bones.


Colostrum multiprotein drink powder (350 g)

PROTACT® shakes taste great and one shake a day is ideal for supplying your body with proteins of great biological value as well as all essential amino acids. The fact that the powder dissolves excellently in water is an added bonus. The real Madagascan vanilla gives PROTACT® its naturally refined taste.

Protein contributes

- to an increase in muscle mass

- to maintaining muscle mass

- to maintaining healthy bones



+ is a protein formula with a mix of fast and slow absorption

+ has a low carbohydrate content

+ has a high biological value

+ contains sustainably produced ingredients

+ is free of artificial preservatives and additives

+ contains SWISS BEASTER organic colostrum

+ has a complete amino acid profile

+ has a mild and natural taste

+ is developed and made in Switzerland

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