I am your Honey

Pure Swiss Quality

small batch honey – made by bees

Swiss Bee Honey (400 g)
Harvesting area: 9044 Wald AR, Switzerland

Made by bees

The heroines in our honey production are the bees. These diligent workers roam lush flower meadows and magnificent mixed forests in the centre of the beautiful Appenzeller Vorderland.

Wildflowers for bees

We care for and protect the meadows in the immediate vicinity of the bee colonies. Where necessary, we help a little with wildflower seeds.

The bees – our friends

Our bees share the grasslands, the adjacent hedges, and woodland with a variety of insects such as wild bees, bumblebees, butterflies, and many more.

Bees and you

Thank you for allowing us to share our most carefully processed, natural, and pure honey with you.

Currently, we maintain and care for two large insect hotels, a protected pond, and an organically managed forest. Wild and honey bees find colourful flower meadows with native flowers here.

Beekeeping and -husbandry have a great side effect: HONEY! We only harvest a small amount of pure bee honey. A maximum of 500 glasses of 400 grams of delicacy are bottled each year for pure, natural enjoyment.

Our bees can collect their nectar within a radius of about one kilometre, thanks to a great supply of flowering plants in this region during the warm months. For a glass of honey of 250 grams, our industrious bees must fly 32,000 times, cover a distance of about 96,000 kilometres, and visit as many as 1.5 million flowers.

Us humans benefit from the great nutritional properties of golden honey: the variety of sugars, enzymes, and minerals. The trusty dining table companion is also a natural remedy with anti-inflammatory effects. It can, for example, be used to treat herpes or as a cough syrup combined with onions.
Honey is also used as a cosmetic product. The food of the gods of the Egyptians can be mixed with milk as a hair conditioner or as a cream for our skin, to name but a few examples.

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