Naturally – immune-boosting

BEASTER PURE® capsules contain pure, high-quality organic colostrum (first milk). We prefer to use organic colostrum from horned cows.

Concentrated power and 100% natural protection

  • Our colostrum comes from organic and sustainable agriculture in Bavaria and Austria – preferably from horned cows. Animal welfare and the pesticide-free cultivation of pastures are paramount to us.

  • We only use excess organic colostrum

  • We process the colostrum carefully without pasteurisation/without heat treatment. This ensures that the bioactive substances are preserved.

  • SWISS BEASTER® organic colostrum is carefully produced in Switzerland and Bavaria.

  • The quality of SWISS BEASTER® organic colostrum is controlled by independent and internationally recognised testing laboratories.

  • Swiss hygiene and processing regulations also ensure that our colostrum products are guaranteed free of harmful substances and antibiotics. And, of course, GMO-free.

  • SWISS BEASTER® organic colostrum is a pure, natural product without additives.



SWISS BEASTER CLASSIC® products are available in all Swiss pharmacies and drugstores, as well as in selected medical practices. SWISS BEASTER® organic colostrum is your reliable companion for all seasons.


Colostrum is the first milk of mammals. In cows, colostrum is also called beestings. It contains significantly more proteins, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, growth factors, amino acids, and antibodies than the milk we drink from the supermarket. The fat and lactose content in colostrum is significantly lower than in milk. Colostrum strengthens the body and supports the immune system.

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