Concentrated power and 100% natural protection


  • Our colostrum comes from organic and sustainable agriculture in Bavaria and Austria – preferably from horned cows. Animal welfare and the pesticide-free cultivation of pastures are paramount to us.

  • We only use excess organic colostrum.

  • We carefully process the colostrum without pasteurisation/without heat treatment. This ensures that the bioactive substances are preserved.

  • SWISS BEASTER® organic colostrum is produced with care in Switzerland and Bavaria.

  • The quality of SWISS BEASTER® organic colostrum is controlled by independent and internationally recognised testing laboratories.

  • Swiss hygiene and processing regulations also ensure that our colostrum products are guaranteed free of harmful substances and antibiotics. And, of course, GMO-free.

  • SWISS BEASTER® organic colostrum is a pure, natural product without additives.