Start by taking care of yourself.
We take responsibility – from individual ingredients to our formulas and packaging.



Swiss quality since 2012 🇨🇭

We at SWISS BEASTER put our heart and soul into every single product – for everyone’s well-being and performance. For us, quality means taking responsibility – from individual ingredients to the packaging. Each of our products is unique and manufactured with great care.

Our food and dietary supplements are

  • clean, natural, and as organic as possible

  • free from artificial additives

  • free from preservatives

  • free from flow additives

  • produced with a minimum amount of processing steps, to carefully process and preserve the nutrients

  • developed, and made almost completely, in Switzerland. This way, we reduce our impact on the environment and ensure optimal food safety.

  • produced responsibly: With respect for the world around us, for nature, animals, and our fellow human beings

  • visionary: We invest tirelessly in research and new, cleaner technologies

  • dedicated to environmental progress: We invest in innovations in recycled and compostable packaging

Sven Altorfer

Founder, Developer, and Managing Director


Developing and manufacturing the products of my company, SWISS BEASTER, allows me to combine my personal and professional passions: to design, develop formulas, and create. My work revolves around producing effective and healthy products, in line with the laws of our bodies' biochemical processes – using Swiss and organic raw materials whenever possible. I am inspired by what nature gives us and manufacture products with a minimum number of processing steps – to protect and preserve the nutrients. In Switzerland, I see particularly great potential for innovation and progress in the area of natural food and nutritional supplements. Through partnerships with representatives from science, the private sector, medicine, and innovative associations such as SWISS FOOD RESEARCH®, I constantly develop new offers. My professional knowledge has transformed into personal expertise over the last 30 years, with experiences gained in various fields such as biochemistry and food technology, as well as through targeted training and further education in nutritional science.

The quality of SWISS BEASTER is the result of decades of experience, both in my professional life and with my own health. As a chronically ill and overweight 32-year-old, I was confronted with an inevitable turning point: to drastically change my life. Four years later, and after gaining valuable knowledge, I was in the best health of my life and participated in my first triathlon; this was followed by years of IRONMAN competitions at the highest level. Being a father and a partner once again made me aware of the central importance of our health, after these formative experiences. I place great focus on immunotherapy, which has developed into my core area of expertise today.

Another passion that has accompanied me throughout my life has been my heightened sensory perception. As a young chef, I was already studying balanced and refined nutrition and its effect on our gustatory sensations. When developing formulas for new products today, I strive to not only realise optimum effects, but to also create a balanced taste and best-possible compatibility.

I found my new home in the Swiss canton of Appenzell Ausserrhoden, drawing inspiration from the beautiful nature of the foothills of the Alps. Inspiration that I put to use in my business.

Barbara Stolba

Head of Communication & Sponsoring


Growing up as the daughter of a professor of biology and a nurse meant I was already aware of flora and fauna and the importance of health at an early age. My main occupation is as a journalist in research, where I transform information into texts and write amusing stories. As Head of Communications at SWISS BEASTER, I put my dedication to quality, health, and sustainability to work. In the dynamic field of sponsoring, I collaborate with ambitious athletes, young talents, and sports clubs. My wonderful son is the light of my life; I have supported him since childhood on his path to becoming a professional athlete. Thanks to the passionate commitment of Sven Altorfer, I am in tune with the latest developments and scientific findings. The shared drive in our small and friendly company lies in working in a sustainable manner to contribute to our health and the environment.