Swiss quality since 2012 🇨🇭

We at SWISS HEALTH & NUTRITION put our heart and soul into every single product – for everyone’s well-being and performance. For us, quality means taking responsibility – from individual ingredients to the packaging. Each of our products is unique and manufactured with great care.

Our food and dietary supplements are

  • clean, natural, and as organic as possible

  • free from artificial additives

  • free from preservatives

  • free from flow additives

  • produced with a minimum amount of processing steps, to carefully process and preserve the nutrients

  • developed, and made almost completely, in Switzerland. This way, we reduce our impact on the environment and ensure optimal food safety.

  • produced responsibly: With respect for the world around us, for nature, animals, and our fellow human beings

  • visionary: We invest tirelessly in research and new, cleaner technologies

  • dedicated to environmental progress: We invest in innovations in recycled and compostable packaging